My name is Andrés, I photograph stories.

I was born in Acapulco, Guerrero and moved to Minnesota when I was 17. My goal is to take photos that are beautiful, candid, and empathetic. Photos that people can relate to and appreciate. I love doing street photography and that's my usual look, but I also have a studio for special projects. I’m currently helping brands and people develop visuals for their products, campaigns, and ideas. I'm also a contributing photographer at SIPA USA, proactively looking for interesting stories in the Twin Cities.  

I use a Fujifilm XPro2, X100S and a Canon 6D. I have wide angle and tele-zoom lenses for any type of photoshoot ahead.

"Si quieres ver lo invisible, observa con atención a lo visible"
- Manuel Álvarez Bravo

"If you want to see the invisible, watch the visible attentively", that's a phrase by Mexican master photographer Manuel Álvarez Bravo. I try to remember this before every photoshoot, I hope you can see it in my photos.

To get in touch, please fill out the form in this page. 

Contributing Photographer at SIPA USA and City Pages.